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Q: What does Ballroom
A: It is a more 1700s-early 1900s term. It is a place where many gather around and dance usually to a classical "Waltz" style song. They are still used today, but mostly for weddings or special parties. Also since you are learning UK english this term is a MUST to know because they use ballroom quite a bit there :)
Q: What does Ballroom dancing mean?
A: Ballroom dancing is a fancy formal type of dancing. it is considered a sport by some

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Q: They wore the new Ballroom dancing clothes that they bought for the first time and took part in a dance class. As I thought, they looked fabulous. I can't wait for the next new product, already they said. Does this sound natural?
A: × I can't wait for the next new product, already they said.
✓ "I already can't wait for the next new product," they said.

Q: I do Latin & Ballroom dance or I dance Latin & Ballroom dance?
A: ‘I do Latin & Ballroom dance’ sounds more natural :)

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