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Q: What does Bound up mean?
A: It is also a polite way of saying constipated.

It can also mean tied up, and other things too.

Can you give us an example for context?
Q: What does Bound by mean?
A: “Tied down to” Or “obligated by” 예를 들면 “He was bound by a contract.”
Q: What does Bound mean?
A: Depending on the context it could mean:

1) Tied. E.g. The criminal's wrists were bound.

2) To have a contractual obligation to someone or something. E.g. He was bound to his company for two years.
Q: What does Bound mean?
A: Usually it is meaning you are tied to something. It can also mean an obligation to something.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with Bound .
A: It was bound to happen.
He will be bound to that promise for life.
He is bound to regret what he did.

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