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Q: What does She was living in a Bristol flat with people who would have happily wrung his neck.

What's the meaning of "would have wrung his neck"? mean?
A: To wring one's neck means to kill by breaking the neck. It is usually said about killing chickens and other birds, but it is said about people (as an exaggeration only.)
She is saying that her flat mates would have killed someone for her. I don't know if she meant actually kill or it is an exaggeration.
Q: What does I have lived in Bristol since 1984 mean?
A: Ho vissuto a Bristol dal 1984

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Q: What is the difference between I'm visiting Bristol soon and I'm going to visit Bristol soon ?
A: If you speak, there is no difference. But this table can be useful 😊😊

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Q: Bristol community college still have associate in arts in elementary education? Does this sound natural?
A: × Bristol community college still have associate in arts in elementary education?
Bristol community college still has an associate’s in arts in elementary education?

“Still offers an associate’s” is even a little more clear but either works fine
Q: Where is Bristol?
A: Bristol is in the south west of England :)
Q: I will travel to Bristol during January, do you know if there are nice places or something cool to do/visit ?
A: The harbour is nice, and there is a museum ship there called the SS Great Britain. You can get a good view of the whole city from Cabot Tower. There is also a famous bridge- Clifton Suspension Bridge- but oddly enough, it doesn't really go anywhere!

There are a lot of maps around the city- you can get some for free at the train station- that show good walking routes.

The city has a lot of bicycle routes, so you might find hiring bikes is a good way to get around.

Enjoy your trip!

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