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Q: What does buddy mean?
A: it's similar to friend. people (usually men) use it as a term of endearment when referring to their friends

"hey buddy" or "how are you, bud?"

Q: What does sure is buddy! mean?
A: nothing XD... that doesnt make sense, it should be "sure buddy" likr of course my friend
Q: What does buddy,you ded? mean?
A: You might have found this on the internet because it is shortened in what we call "text-speak". It means "Buddy, are you dead?", it seems like a sarcastic comment from the internet
Q: What does sober buddy mean?
A: @Ian02118: A sober buddy is a friend you have with you to take care of you when you go out drinking (alcoholic drinks).
Q: What does anytime buddy mean?
A: @__Risa: いつでもいいよ、友よ

Example sentences using "Buddy"

Q: Please show me example sentences with buddy, pal (what’s the difference and maybe you can give me more synonyms) .
A: In the US, "pal" is old fashioned, and rarely used. It means "friend".

"Buddy" is used to mean "close friend" or "partner", and sometimes used as a form of address, usually with an aggressive tone.

"You should meet my buddy, Steve. He's a great guy!"
"We used to hate each other, but we're best buds now!" (shortened form)

"Nobody is allowed into the swimming pool alone. You must have a buddy with you at all times."

Aggressive form of address -- not a real friend:
"Listen, buddy, you're not welcome here anymore."
Q: Please show me example sentences with buddy, dude.
A: Hey buddy, want to go swimming?

Yo dude, what's up, how long has it been?

Hey dude, let's go.

My buddy's favourite color is purple.

Dude, are you done?

They generally mean the same. It's like calling for your friend.
Q: Please show me example sentences with buddy.
Q: Please show me example sentences with buddy.
A: this is my buddy, Caleb

Synonyms of "Buddy" and their differences

Q: What is the difference between buddy and fellow and friend and pal and homie, squad, crew, posse ?
A: It is a matter of formality. In my opinion from most formal to most casual:

"Fellow" as a noun is a little bit outdated in my opinion. I don't think I ever use it myself normally. But it can show up in books for example from time to time. Instead of specifically a friend, it usually refers to just a general person. To my ears, it sounds more formal or old-fashioned.

"He is a jolly-good fellow."
"He's a nice fellow."

"Friend" is the most neutral. It is the standard word among these.

"Pal" and "buddy" are more casual. There can be a patronizing tone associated with this. For example, an uncle might call his nephew "buddy" or "pal", or you might address a pet dog as "buddy" or "pal." It would not be a good idea to address your boss as "buddy" or "pal",

"Homie", "squad", "crew", and "posse" are all slang. I would not use any of these in anything other than a very casual setting.

"Homie" refers to a single friend .
"I got your back, homie."

"Squad," "crew," and "posse" are more or less interchangeable and refer to your close group of friends.
"Me and my squad/crew/posse/homies"
Q: What is the difference between buddy and friend ?
A: They’re very similar. Buddy is a more affectionate way of calling someone your friend.
Q: What is the difference between buddy and dude ?
A: "Buddy" commonly means "friend" or "male friend", but it can sometimes be used sarcastically or rudely. It's also frequently used when talking to young boys:

"He's a good buddy of mine." (as in friend)

"Hey, buddy, move out of the way." (not as a friend, kind of rude)

"Yeah, ok bud." (shortened version of buddy, probably sarcastic in this case)

"Hey, buddy, are you having fun at recess?" (when talking to a young boy)

My dad often calls me "bud" or "buddy". It's a pretty versatile word. Just remember that it literally means "friend", but it can be rude or sarcastic with people you don't know well. It's also commonly a used when speaking to children which is why it may be seen as rude when talking to someone you don't know well.

"Dude" does not need to be someone who is your friend, but it is very casual. It can be used in a lot of ways, often not even referring to anyone. I use it a lot when I'm upset, but some people use it all the time:

"Oh my f*cking god, dude" (not referring to anyone in particular, just upset)

"Oh no, dude." (again, not referring to anyone in particular)

"Dude! What just happened?"

"Hey, dude."

"Dude, shut up."

I think that both "dude" and "buddy" are more commonly said by men to other men, but of course that's not always true. You may be seen as slightly more masculine for using "dude" especially. A woman might call a man her "buddy", but you probably would not call a woman "buddy".

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need clarification :)
Q: What is the difference between buddy and pal ?
A: No difference. Women say: love, pet, darl (darling), sweetie, girlfriend; and many other words like that.
Q: What is the difference between buddy, mate and dude ?
A: Buddy probably would use if you know the person really well. Dude would be use for someone you really don't know and mate I'm not sure. I don't use mate. Not to be mean I think mate is used more in British English than in American or in America.

Translations of "Buddy"

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? buddy
A: For pronunciation:
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? how do I say "buddy" in Portuguese?
A: Buddy (buh-dee)
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? "Sorry buddy, I can't go to the party tonight". I'd like to know your accent for that sentence to see the difference.
A: I think most people would probably say 'mate' instead of 'buddy' (but it's not incorrect to say either. Just personal preference, I guess!)
Q: How do you say this in English (UK)? buddy
A: We use mate, man or buddy, although mate is one of the most common ones.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? buddy
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: 男同士の友人関係で、「相棒」に相当する言葉を、教えて下さい
buddy や partner あたりかと思いますが、微妙なニュアンスの違いが分かりません
A: @necomanma 私に言わせれば'buddy'はバッチリだと思います。Police dramaでは二人組,partnersの設定は’buddy cop film'と言われています。Buddy cop films - lethal weapon, rush hour, bad boys etc.

@necomanma の意見から相棒とは何のことか聞いてもいいですか?
Q: He, who is a good buddy, is get along with everybody well. Does this sound natural?
A: He who is a good buddy, gets along well with everybody.
Q: Hey buddy, Ted told me that yesterday was your birthday, I didn't know that; So I wanted to wish you a happy belated birthday; I wish you happiness and all the best. Does this sound natural?
A: What you wrote is fine, but my English teacher would kill me for the over use of semi colons ";".

You could always break that up into sentences.

" Hey buddy, Ted told me that yesterday was your birthday; I didn't know that. So I wanted to wish you a happy belated birthday! I wish you happiness and all the best."
Q: I heard 'buddy' is the word used by men when they call friend friendly. Is there similar
way for women?
A: Yes. I often hear "hey girl" or "what's up girly", things like that. :)
Q: Hold on buddy, let me tell you. It seems to me that we have a slight delay in our conversation, so we might sometimes talk over each other okay? Does this sound natural?
A: If you want to make it shorter and more casual, you can just say, "Hold on, buddy. It seems like there's a bit of lag in our conversation so we might sometimes talk over each other." (Assuming you're using an app like Skype or your phone to talk to the person)

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